For the 25 years I have practiced Dentistry I have had chronic lower back, shoulder, and neck pain.  I have seen numerous physicians and chiropractors to address this pain.  Through the years I have had some temporary relief but the aches were always present.  I came to accept this as an occupational hazard of practicing Dentistry.  I heard of Muscle Activation Techniques from my son who had gotten great results and decided to give it a try myself.  After a few sessions my shoulder pain was gone and most of my lower back and neck pain were gone.  Within weeks, my shoulder, back, and neck felt the best they had in years!  Ryan does a great job explaining the cause of the pain and works hard during my appointments to be sure all the weak muscles are properly tested and treated.  I am a firm believer in Ryan and muscle activation techniques, and highly recommend his services. – Rick W, DDS

After suffering from shin splints for several years, and after trying several different physical therapists, I finally had positive results with Ryan.  He helped me regain strength and flexibility in my legs, and has helped me regain my ability to run pain free! – Janelle S

I hit a tree with my head while skiing and ended up with a bulged disc in my neck.  I had constant pain in my forearm and no strength in my right arm.  Within a few treatments from Ryan the pain was nearly gone, and the strength started to come back as well.  Two months after the accident with treatments 1-2 times a week I feel like I have had 100% recovery thanks to Ryan!Dan R

After training for the Pikes Peak half marathon, I suffered from extreme hip pain.  Ryan treated me with MAT therapy for about 2 weeks and I have never looked back!  I ran the half marathon again and have competed in many 10k races since and have had no pain.  I highly recommend Ryan and MAT therapy! Anne P

Ryan is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work.  I started seeing Ryan for pain in my right shoulder.  Using Muscle Activation Techniques, he was first able to determine the muscle weaknesses that were at the root of the pain.  After a series of about 4-6 sessions, he was able to activate and strengthen the weak muscles so that I no longer had pain in my right shoulder when performing strength training exercises.  In addition, the work he did for my right shoulder helped resolve the chronic pain I was experiencing in my left inner thigh.  I have already recommended Ryan to several of my friends! – Taralyn J

When I first hurt my elbow I figured it would just go away, but the pain got worse and soon I couldn’t even straighten my elbow, so I couldn’t play volleyball anymore.  Within 3 sessions with Ryan the pain was gone. Not only did the pain go away, but he showed me how everything was connected so we had to get everything back into balance in order to strengthen just one part.  With his help, not only was I pain free but now my whole core is stronger.Alyssa R

This winter I was chipping ice and injured my neck.  I had severe neck pain and nerve pain shooting down my arm.  I tried traditional physical therapy and massage for 3 weeks with only temporary relief after each treatment.  Then I tried Muscle Activation Techniques with Ryan after a referral from a friend.  After 2-3 sessions with Ryan I was pain-free!  Thank you Ryan and MAT!  I will definitely recommend this to my friends in the future! – Susan H

I felt as though my shoulder injury would keep me out of tennis forever.  I tried many types of physical therapy, medicine, and injections but nothing seemed to work.  I was ready to give up on my tennis career.  Then, I decided to try a new type of therapy called Muscle Activation Techniques with Ryan.  I finally found something that worked!  Ryan was able to cure my shoulder pain and get me back on the tennis court.  During the next year, I was very successful in all my individual sectional and state tournaments and I even helped my high school team win a state championship!  Without Ryan I never would have made it this far!Joel L

I am an avid mountain biker, road biker, and power walker who suffered from shin pain.  My wife recommended I see Ryan since she had gotten great results from working with him.  After only 2 sessions with Ryan my shin pain was gone and I have remained pain-free ever since!  He also gave me several useful tips regarding my exercises that I believe have helped prevent my shin pain from coming back.  I found Muscle Activation Techniques to be extremely helpful! John P

I was having a lot of referred pain from two bulging discs in my upper back.  I also had severe chronic “tennis” elbow in my right arm.  I couldn’t sleep at night due to the back pain.  No position was comfortable for more than two hours at a time.  Even picking up a coffee cup was very painful and I found myself having to use my left hand for relatively simple tasks.  My options were physical therapy or cortisone injections.  I opted for physical therapy, leaving the injection option as a last resort.  I worked with Ryan and am now pain free.  Ryan incorporates Muscle Activation Techniques to pin point underlying muscle weaknesses and then reactivates those specific muscles that have been lying dormant.  Once reactivated, I was given strengthening exercises to further build up theses muscles to help redevelop muscular balance.  It has been two months since I last worked with Ryan and I have gotten back to working out in the gym on a regular basis.  I have been able to enjoy some late season downhill skiing and am looking forward to getting back to mountain biking and kayaking this summer.  Not only am I pain free and sleeping well these days, I feel like myself again! Thank you Ryan!Tracy K

I suffered from migraine headaches for about a year and a half.  The migraines would occur at least two times a week with the usual symptoms of extreme head pressure, pain, and nausea.  My physician suggested physical therapy before beginning a series of x-rays, MRI’s, and prescription medications.  After receiving muscle activation physical therapy from Ryan 1-2 times a week for two months, the migraines were gone.  I also received an additional benefit of becoming more limber and flexible.  It’s been six months since my last session with Ryan, and I still haven’t experienced a migraine headache.  I highly recommend Ryan’s services for relief of migraine headaches! Katie K

I had ACL reconstruction and micro fracture surgery done on my right knee.  After having the surgery, I began seeing a physical therapist for approximately 3 months.  During that time, my knee healed as it should but I saw little improvement with my stability and strength.  When I met with Ryan a couple months later for my first visit, I could barely do a single leg squat with my injured leg.  After just a few muscle activation sessions, I could bend twice as far in my single leg squat and I noticed much more stability and less pain.  I am a true believer in muscle activation, and I highly recommend using Ryan Johnson as a Physical Therapist. Tyler A

This is a special thank you letter for your time and influence on our son Seth.  I can’t tell you how much Seth has enjoyed working with you.  These days parents need positive role models for their children.  Even besides the fitness education, weight training, and discipline, you have been a very positive roll model for Seth and I believe he will long remember the time he spent working with you! Janis A